Sunbeam College for Women, Bhagwanpur

Anti-Ragging Committee

Ragging is a social threat and as such has no place in academic environment of the college and intensive efforts are required to be in place to prevent its occurrence at any point of time. Hence, the college has adopted ‘anti-ragging policy’. According to Supreme Court, Ragging is defined as an act that violates or is perceived to violate an individual student’s dignity.

The Anti-Ragging policy of the college encourages the students to socialize for the cause of Socio-Academic excellence and discourages any negative acts on parts of senior students. Therefore the ‘anti-ragging policy’ adopted by the college aims at:

(a)  Creating, developing and nurturing a conducive, socio-academic environment within the student population.

(b)  Generating and maintaining confidence within new entrants and their parents/guardians and to assure that fresh entrants to the college shall be welcomed and provided with greater support, rather than being harassed and intimidated.

(c)  Recommending necessary measures for any violation of the “Anti-Ragging Policy” by way of disciplinary actions.

Anti – Ragging Committee (ARC) has been formed at college level to monitor various aspects related to ragging.



Amit Kumar


Vibha Srivastava


Ruchi Lalwani

Chief Proctor