Sunbeam College for Women, Bhagwanpur

Program Description

Basic knowledge of science develops critical, logical and analytical approach in students.

Department of Science offers B. Sc. in two subject combination based

  1. B.Sc. (BZC) – Botany, Zoology and Chemistry Combination.
  2. B.Sc (PMC) – Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry Combination.



  • At the graduation in science faculty a student should have: Acquired the knowledge with facts and figures related to various subjects in pure sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, etc.
  • Understood the basic concepts, fundamental principles, and the scientific theories related to various scientific phenomena and their relevancies in the day-to-day life.
  • Acquired the skills in handling scientific instruments, planning and performing in laboratory experiments.
  • The skills of observations and drawing logical inferences from the scientific experiments.
  • Analyzed the given scientific data critically and systematically and the ability to draw the objective conclusions.
  • Been able to think creatively (divergently and convergent) to propose novel ideas in explaining facts and figures or providing new solution to the problems.
  • Realized how developments in any science subject helps in the development of other science subjects and vice-versa and how interdisciplinary approach helps in providing better solutions and new ideas for the sustainable developments.
  • Developed scientific outlook not only with respect to science subjects but also in all aspects related to life.
  • Realized that knowledge of subjects in other faculties such as humanities, performing arts, social sciences etc. can have greatly and effectively influence which inspires in evolving new scientific theories and inventions.
  • Imbibed ethical, moral and social values in personal and social life leading to highly cultured and civilized personality. Developed various communication skills such as reading, listening, speaking, etc., which we will help in expressing ideas and views clearly and effectively.
  • Realized that pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong activity and in combination with untiring efforts and positive attitude and other necessary qualities leads towards a successful life.
  • Developed flair by participating in various social and cultural activities voluntarily, in order to spread knowledge, creating awareness about the social evils, blind faith, etc.


We offer various courses under B.Sc. (BZC) and B.Sc (PMC) Program.

Eligibility Criteria

 1. Those who have passed 10+2 (intermediate) before 2019 are not eligible for admission in any undergraduate course in the session 2021-22.

2. Only candidates who have passed/appeared 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry & Maths are eligible for admission in B.Sc.(PMC combination). / Only candidates who have passed /appeared 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry & Zoology / Biology are eligible for admission in B.Sc.(BZC Combination).


I have read above eligibility conditions for admission in B.Sc. course. I am eligible for this course. If anytime during the admission process I fail to prove/produce required documents according to above eligibility criteria my candidature for the course will be cancelled automatically.