Sunbeam College for Women, Bhagwanpur


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1National IncomeMaterial Unit 1|View
2SDLCMaterial Unit 1|View
3Introduction To Software Project ManagementMaterial UNIT I : INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT |View
4Project EvaluationMaterialUnit 2 : PROJECT EVALUATION|View
5Objectives Of Activity PlanningMaterial Unit 3 : ACTIVITY PLANNING|View
6Sequencing And Scheduling ActivitiesMaterialUnit 3 : ACTIVITY PLANNING|View
7What Is Scheduling in Project Management SchedulingMaterial Unit 3 : ACTIVITY PLANNING|View
8Earned Value Analysis in Project ManagementMaterial Unit 4 : MONITORING AND CONTROL|View
9INTRODUCTIONMaterialUnit 1|View
10Introduction Of Computers And No SystemMaterial Unit 1 : Introduction to Computers|View